Waterbase Pepee Lube

Waterbase Pepee Lube

High Expectations, Disappointing Results     

Welcome! In this week's blog post, I'll be reviewing the Pepee Original Lube – a rather obscure Japanese product that you've probably never come across. Despite having visited and explored a wide variety of brick-and-mortar and online adult stores, I was unfamiliar with this product until I delved deeper into wholesale listings and was instantly intrigued. After all, Japan is known for its high-quality products, so I decided to give it a shot.

Fast forward three days, and the discreetly-packaged lube arrived, narrowly dodging an embarrassing situation, thanks to the non-descriptive text on the package. Later that evening, with some alone time in the shower, I decided to explore the new lube during some solo play. At first glance, the 365mm bottle resembled a dildo, with mostly Japanese instructions on the label – not an issue since no one reads those details anyway.

The lube itself was clear, thick, and had a consistency similar to honey, forming long, stringy ropes when poured. Despite its messiness, I found that it was slippery, water-resistant to some extent, and stayed in place during the shower test. So far, so good. Or so I thought.

When it came time for the real test – using the lube during intimate moments – things took a disappointing turn. Although initial application went smoothly, within a matter of minutes, the Pepee Lube dried out, becoming sticky and uncomfortable. My partner was not impressed, to say the least.

Since then, Pepee Lube has been relegated to the back of the cupboard. I even tried using it for shaving but found that it clogged up the razor. While I had high expectations due to its Japanese origins, the product unfortunately fell short.

In summary, Pepee Original Lube might be useful for some specific situations, like the insertion of larger objects, but overall, you'll find better products in the market for just a little more money.

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