Why Bother With Sex Toys

Now, I know most people think that sex toys are just for some weird, new-age couples with pink hair and tattoos, or maybe even gay individuals, or desperate single guys in their bedrooms. Sure, there are probably some who fit that description, and good on them! But I'm here to burst that stereotype bubble. Based on my limited sales statistics, most of our customers are your average married couples with kids, looking to spice up their sex life, even if it's just for one night.

No, they're not buying three-foot dildos, gags, and whips. The most popular items are actually lubes. And these aren't some dried-up, 80-year-old couples either. They're your everyday working-class families.

You might ask, "How does lube change things?" Well, just like most things, it's about shifting your perception. Picture it: naughty, taboo,  screaming orgasms sweat flying everywhere and lasting hours. The simple act of buying a object for your sex life will have simulated your brain to tell the rest of your body let's try that scene making your sex after buying that object exciting as hell trust me you won't last too long first time around.The second and third times are always better as you learn to control yourself.

Personally, I work two jobs, and by the time I get home, have dinner, and take a shower and get ready to do it all again the next day honestly, I could not be bothered. So how do I sell sex toys and not be a raging sexaholic? Well, in my mind, I want to be, but as we get older and work longer hours, our bodies get tired, and sex becomes a scheduled Saturday night event from 9:30 pm to 10 pm.

However I have come across my own way to spice things up and it has worked wonders—no special creams, foods, or gimmicks. I send texts yes sextexing wtf,  I even  get pictures from Google, of what I want to do to my partner all day long. The build-up is incredible. It's so easy: just Google what you want, add "porn" at the end, and find a picture you like. Send it with a small note. It may seem different, but the combination of pictures and messages is a game-changer. Trust me. And when your down you can go look at those text another day and get excited all over again haha 

Never be afraid to live out your fantasy from dildos to bondage and everything in-between understand everyone is judging everyone for everything so fuck them. Dont let your sex life die with excuses of not the same tigh body of too busy if you don't do anything nothing will change try for fantasy fuck like rabbits and love yourself and your parnter.

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