A Candid Review of Oxballs Cocksling 2.0

A Candid Review of Oxballs Cocksling 2.0

Hey, I'm Doug, and today I'm about to spill the beans on my journey with a product that's been a game-changer in my intimate moments for the past six months (not every day, of course). Enter the Oxballs Cock Sling 2.0. Believe it or not, my experience aligns eerily close with all the reviews scattered across multiple websites—I only checked them after I penned down this article. Get ready for a firsthand account of my adventures with this intriguing piece of pleasure gear.


"Cock rings are one of the most popular  sex toys for men and penis-owners"

**First Impressions: Packaging and Material Feel**

The Oxballs Cocksling 2.0 arrived in a clear, sealed container, akin to buying a pack of batteries. The initial presentation was straightforward, which is essential for me, especially when it comes to a product like this. The packaging is a pressed plastic container, not sealed. My only issue is there is no manufacturer's seal or even a lock, so ensuring sterilization is a must before use.


Upon opening, the material felt smooth, ultra-stretchy rubber in a cool blue color. However, it had a slightly sticky texture, like a rubber band. Not exactly what I expected, but the true test lies in its performance.


Internet review: I chose this seller despite being more expensive because I believe you get what you pay for you can imagine my disbelief we’re not only did I realize this package had already been opened before with a dust and foggy film on the inside of the plastic. 


**Application with Lube**


I decided to try it out halfway through foreplay, and here's where the need for lube became evident. Without lubrication, putting it on was a challenge and painful. Imagine trying to put a rubber band on your wrist without stretching; it's the same feeling but down there—ouch. A bit of water-based lube was essential, and after reading multiple reviews on the internet, it's clear that silicone, oil, or hybrid options should be avoided as they tend to damage it.

Applying it involves stretching it over both the penis and balls, and I must admit, this part can be a bit tricky and even a tad painful. For those, like me, I have used it multiple times and still struggle, a key tip is to put it on when fully erect and before sex as putting it on can turn you off so I would do it halfway through foreplay just my tip.


**The Sex**


So, after navigating through the challenges of applying lube and enduring a bit of pain and discomfort during the initial process, I dove into the experience. For those venturing into the realm of cock rings or cock and ball slings, it does feel a bit strange initially. Brushing aside the curious looks from my partner and the occasional "Is that painful? It looks painful," I took charge, and our lovemaking began.


 Internet review: She likes the look, I like the feel. Makes for a good combination and therefore a good 5 star review.


Now, let me emphasize the importance of foreplay—it's an absolute must. Given that we live the 69er life, we explored various variations (LOVE it LIVE it). Initially, the experience mirrored my usual pace, and the outcome was the same as always. I must admit; I felt a bit disheartened—putting in all that effort with seemingly no gains.


But hold on, don't throw in the towel just yet! A week later, armed with the knowledge to use lube and brace myself for the anticipated discomfort, we ventured into the experience once more. This time around, it was like a scene from a porn film. We explored multiple positions, and I performed like a seasoned professional. The climax was intense, and for someone like me with foreskin, the added bonus was real. The ring forces the foreskin back, maintaining its position even if you temporarily soften. It might sound a bit weird but those people having foreskin, you'll understand the unique satisfaction.


"During sexual intercourse, most men ejaculate between 5-10 minutes and research has shown the average time to ejaculate after penetration is 5 1/2 minutes"


Six times into the experience, and I'm still going wild, lasting longer without the need for tablets or sprays—just a bit of lube and a mildly painful and strange sensation. However, the only issue surfacing now is that it's starting to tear in the middle. Not a surprise, given the necessary stretching over the cock and balls. And just to clarify, it's not failing because I have a massive member; On looking at website reviews it’s a most common fault a little annoying.


**The Experience: Pros and Cons**



- Affordable

- Ideal for those with foreskin, keeping it forced back

- Cool blue color adds a playful touch

- Provides a tight fit for Small to Large (possible not XXXL)



- Starting to show signs of tearing after six uses

- Initial difficulty in putting it on, especially over the balls

- Requires the use of lube for application

- May feel slightly painful initially, particularly over the balls


**Conclusion: A Mixed Bag**


For the low cost and its beginner-friendly nature, the Oxballs Cocksling 2.0 offers a unique experience. It's designed to make you last longer, but it comes with a slightly painful and uncomfortable feeling during the initial fitting. While it may not be a magic solution for extended pleasure, it does make you last longer even when you soften.


**Other User Reviews: A Variety of Experiences**


Internet review: Kind of difficult to get it over your balls. Then it will cut off the circulation and your balls will begin aching and turning dark after a short while even with plenty of lube. I threw mine away.



Internet review: If you are brand new to this type of thing I would recommend it to a beginner for sure. It's gentle enough to wear around for a bit and with a jock has a good amount of support. Like a firm but gentle hand around your bits.


 Internet review: This mf went on so easy! I was particularly worried about the balls part but that was super easy too! It’s a soft rubbery material that fits snug but isn’t uncomfortable at all. It has a good stretch to it and it’s easy to clean afterwards. I definitely fux with this one. 👍🏾👍🏾



In conclusion, if you're open to embracing a unique experience and can overlook a bit of initial discomfort, the Oxballs Cock Sling 2.0 delivers great sensations and proves effective. However, it's essential to note that its durability is limited, and it may tear or break over time. Consider it more of a short-term pleasure enhancer. While I haven't explored other products yet, the prospect is on the horizon – perhaps the next time I


Happy exploring!


- Doug

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