Who The F**k is Naughty Nights

Naughty Nights, trading since 2023, isn't just a business – it's a passion project born from the minds of Sherrie and Douglas. But who exactly are they?

Sherrie's Story

Sherrie, a 46-year-old mother of three, has spent her life juggling multiple jobs and putting her family's needs before her own. After facing health challenges and changing circumstances, she decided to invest her time into creating Naughty Nights on the side while still caring for her family. Now that her children are grown, Sherrie is shifting her focus to building their business.

Douglas' Story

Meet Douglas, a 42-year-old former soldier who proudly served his country for 10 years. After the birth of his daughter, he transitioned to earthmoving in the city for the past decade. Despite facing challenges common to many ex-defense personnel, Douglas found solace in his partner and their intimate life. Inspired by the positivity they found in their relationship, Douglas joined forces with Sherrie to bring Naughty Nights to life.

Naughty Nights Born

Together, Sherrie and Douglas realized the importance of prioritizing family life before embracing their sexual journey. However, after experiencing a lackluster sex life, they decided to spice things up with a basic lube purchase – an act that ignited their passion and led to the creation of Naughty Nights.