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Alien Nation Glow Dragon

Alien Nation Glow Dragon

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"Dive deep into the wild, crazy love saga of AlienNation with the one and only 'Dragon.' 🐉✨ Crafted from the tumultuous aftermath of a ten-mile asteroid collision and the creative prowess of Primus, this legendary creature emerges from stone and storm, bearing the scales of serpents, the talons of eagles, and the forelimbs of lions. Its supernatural powers begin with an iridescent glow, lighting the night in bold hues of blue, purple, orange, and red!


Get ready to be enchanted by 'Dragon's' sensual, glowing shape. Let its curves embrace yours as the sexy, tapered cock-head takes you on an otherworldly pleasure ride. Feel the intensity of its amazing textures – the big teardrop scales, the pleasure ridges, and the nubbed collar designed to stimulate you in every imaginable way. Once you've ignited the spark, you'll crave more of the 'Dragon's' allure, making each encounter an unforgettable journey. No wonder we named it the "Dragon" – because once you've tasted the fire, you'll want it to drag on and on.


Features that make 'Dragon' the ultimate companion:

- **Sensual, Glowing Shape:** Experience pleasure with every curve, teardrop scale, and nubbed collar. Get lit in the dark for an unforgettable, sensory delight.


- **Extra-Strong Suction Base:** The 'Dragon' boasts an extra-wide, soft suction cup that won't give up before you reach the peak of pleasure.


- **Harness Compatible:** Like all AlienNation pieces, the suction cup is wide enough for most harnesses, inviting you to bring your wildest creature fantasies to life with a partner.


- **100% Body-Safe Silicone:** Crafted from the finest phthalate-free, premium silicone, 'Dragon' ensures a safe and thrilling experience every time.


- **Easy to Lubricate, Easy to Clean:** Its textured surface ensures your water-based lube stays put, and cleaning is a breeze with warm water and soap.



- **Overall Length:** 22.9 cm (9”)

- **Insertable Length:** 21.6 cm (8.5”)

- **Narrowest Insertable Diameter:** 2.5 cm (1”)

- **Widest Insertable Diameter:** 6.4 cm (2.5”)

- **Weight:** 500 grams

- **Materials:** Silicone

- **Colour:** Fluorescent blue, red, and orange


Indulge in the 'Dragon' and let your fantasies take flight with love, passion, and a touch of craziness! 🔥💜 #NaughtyNights #DragonSaga #CrazyLoveAdventures"

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