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"Men Wand" Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator Wand

"Men Wand" Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbator Wand

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Introducing the groundbreaking Satisfyer Men Wand, now available at! Say goodbye to ordinary masturbators and experience the next level of pleasure with this revolutionary wand designed for both couples and singles.

Key features:
- Innovative wing design for maximum pleasure
- Powered by the strongest engine ever, delivering intense vibrations
- Waterproof for versatile use in the shower or bath
- Made from premium full silicone for a luxurious feel
- Two flexible wings wrap around your penis for a tight and passionate embrace
- Choose from 50 different vibration programs to suit your mood
- Ergonomic handle for comfortable use
- Quick charging time of approximately 3 hours
- Long operating time of approximately 60 minutes

With its unparalleled design and powerful performance, the Satisfyer Men Wand takes solo play to new heights of ecstasy. Let its flexible wings and super powerful vibrations take you on a journey of intense pleasure, orgasm after orgasm. Don't settle for ordinary – upgrade to the Satisfyer Men Wand and elevate your intimate experiences today!

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